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Minimize your cost of manufacturing components meeting rigid quality standards
In order to stay competitive, the pressure is on aerospace manufacturers to control costs and increase production rates while delivering high quality and precise tolerances. When machining aerospace components, you need cutting tools with a long tool life when run at extremely high speeds. You also need to significantly reduce chatter for an improved surface finish. TACHEM has the tools you need to do all this.

Evacuate Chips
The ICe-Carb Internal Coolant Drill for Drilling Depts up to 8xD achieves higher cutting parameters and greater chip control for deep hole drilling.

Effectively Machine Aluminum
Effective machining of light metals like aluminum requires a tool with built in features and special geometry designed to minimize built-up edge and provide excellent chip evacuation. TACHEM is the original pioneer of cutting technology for aluminum end mills:


Suki-Carby: Design features include a circular land for variable speed and feed rates without chatter, a primary/secondary flute wall construction for minimizing chip interference, 45° high helix angle, stub lengths and corner radii options. Suki-Carby is available with Ti-NAMITE-B (TiB2) for enhanced tool life.

S-Carby: Available in a variety of 2 and 3 flute selections, as well as Ti-NAMITE-B (TiB2) coating, S-Carby features an engineered flute design for effective chip removal at high feed rates, lower cutting forces and improved balance at high spindle speeds.


Tackle Difficult Materials
TACHEM has introduced a new program designed specifically to address the unique challenges of cutting Composite materials. The unique qualities of Composites requires special consideration to the substrate, geometry, edge conditions and manufacturing techniques that conventional cutting tools have a difficult time addressing.

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