TACHEM produce PCD reamers for precision machining of aluminum and other non -ferrous metals to achieve the parts requirement finish and accuracy. The reamers are end-type tools, cutting only by the chamfer edge at the outside diameter of the preformed hole. The lead angle provides very effective cutting action for most materials.

Our reamers are mainly supplied in three types: gun reamers, integral shank reamers and flange type reamers.

  Gun Reamer(straight reamer)      
The straight reamers are widely used in drilling, counter boring, rough or precision reaming , polishing .Based on the traditional straight reamers, by changing the tool material and structure. Tachem design and manufacture various PCD straight reamers which can replace the carbide straight reamers.
  1. Longer working life
  2. Improve the quality of the cutting components
  3. High efficiency for high precision machining
  Integral Shank Reamer      
In order to provide good rigidity to the cutting tools when high speed machining, we offer various integral reamers with TC series shanks. These are clamped on the spindle and no need to be separated, saving time and energy.
  1. Maximum stability for solid carbide as basic body
  2. Maximum economy for longer tool working life
  3. Maximum feed speed
  4. Consistent surface finish and high tolerance accuracy
  5. Reduce the total tooling costs
  Flange Type Reamers      
Normally, These reamers are held in BT or HSK shanks ,the cutting edges of these reamers can be dialed to 0.001mm accuracy, to reach the highest dimensional accuracy in their components.
  1. Maximum stability for solid carbide as basic body
  2. Maximum economy for longer tool working life
  3. Lateral central internal cooling
  4. Maximum feed speed
  5. Suitable for machining the dowel and location bores
  6. Optimized final machining of pre-cast bores
  7. Reduce the total tooling costs

Our PCD reamers are supplied in diameters of a minimum of 3 mm to a maximum of 200mm.They are widely used in high precision and finishing of automotive engine parts ,miniature parts, electronic parts and related products with close tolerance. In mass production, TACHEM PCD reamers are more excellent , because of its high resistant to wear and capability to machine at high speed .

Thus they are more suitable for reducing the working cycle time by the cost per component can be reduced dramatically.

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