TACHEM Mold & Die Solutions
Handling difficult workpiece materials with high efficiency & accuracy machining

TACHEM has the tools you need when it comes to high efficiency, high accuracy machining of hardened mold & die materials. Mold & die work requires tools that can handle difficult workpiece materials, an array of shapes and sizes and the precision required for tight tolerance applications and superior finishes.

The mold & die industry offers many challenging and complex workpiece configurations in equally challenging materials, including carbon steels, hardened steels, stainless steels, tool steels and aluminum.

From the revolutionary geometry of the TACHEM End Mill with inventive unequal helix geometry to burs specifically designed for mold and die applications, TACHEM has tools you need for profitable production.


Boost-Carby End Mills: When you're machining complex, contour shapes in tough and hardened mold & die steels, Boost-Carby is the solution. Designed for high speed rough and finish milling of mold and die steels up to 60 Rc, Boost-Carby provides improved shearing, extended reach, rigid construction and long tool life.

Robust-Carby End Mills: Maximize your milling performance of Mold Grade Steels up to 65 HRc with Robust-Carby . Design features include:
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Eccentric Relief/ Extreme Negative Radial Rake for Increased Edge Strength.

Engineered Carbide for Difficult Machining Operations.

High Helix / Multi-Edge Design for Increased Rigidity and Feed Rate Capabilities, Increased Shearing Abilities and Improved Surface Finish

Extra Long Shanks for Extended Reach Capabilities

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