TACHEM Jobbing Solutions

TACHEM offers over 25,000 fractional and metric tools to choose from in the standard product offering and has pioneered some of the world’s most advanced cutting technology to continually develop new products and assist customers with specific challenges and demanding product applications. TACHEM offers patented geometries extending tool life, reducing chatter, cutting cycle times, and quality standards so high that incredible batch to batch consistency can be found around the globe. TACHEM Tool Company specializes in high performance end mills and drills, but also offers a full line of general purpose products, including burs, routers, and reamer.

TACHEM End Mills offer a full line of general purpose and high performance solutions ranging from aggressive material removal to those with feed capabilities providing exceptional surface finishes. The full standard offering of TACHEM End Mills are manufactured in a variety of lengths and reaches to accommodate various application demands. In addition to a variety of lengths there are a variety of end configurations to choose from:

• Square End
• Corner Radius - Available in a variety of radius dimensions
• Ball End - for Contour Milling
TACHEM has a family of high performance solutions offering the latest patented variable geometry, proprietary tool coatings and anti-chattering technology tailored for specific demands.

TACHEM offers a standard solid carbide drill line in both fractional and metric sizes, providing accuracy and stability for many materials such as tool steels, cast irons, thin sheet materials and non-metallic materials.

Our high performance drilling solutions offer special geometry for durable construction and stability. These high performace design features plus patented tool coatings provide greater hole dimension accuracy and higher production rates.

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