We want to be "The First Choice in Tools Manufacturing and Waste Management" in Malaysia, the region, and beyond. We do this by putting passion into everything we do, while ensuring our operations are conducted with great integrity and to high standards. We strive to pursue world-class practices, practising strict quality control and a commitment to be environmentally aware and responsible. There is nothing we cannot do together when we share the same vision for excellence.
Our Corporate Values

• Ethics, or morality, is a system of principles that helps us tell right from wrong.
• We constantly face choices that effect the length and quality of our lives & work.
• We beliefs in "Clean Business" practise to all our business transactions.


• We share a passion for delivering customer value.
• Proud of our heritage and our success.
• Leader in manufacturing & designing tools. We expand our business with passion.
• This passion distinguishes us from other companies


• We listen & learn.
• Constanly improve our knowledge and skills.
• Creative & Innovative


• Deliver quality in everything we do.
• Clear responsibilities and fulfil our commitments.
• Proud and humble through our attitude and behaviour.
• We focused to our beliefs.

      Tachem Group International is a company that comprises the brand values "PRECISION, INNOVATIONS and TECHNOLOGY".  
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