TACHEM Defence Solutions
The unique challenges of high precision cutting tools design

Exceptional functional and technical expertise coupled with extensive industry knowledge makes us, preferred suppliers in High Precision Cutting Tools market.

We offer services connected with turn-key projects and deliveries of tools for repair of defence technics.


From the range of deliveries:

• Sets of special tools for

- pyrotechnics
- aviation mechanics

• Tools and special preparations and technology for production and repair of aviation technics

- Clamps
- Reamers
- Countersink cutters

• Tools and special preparations for production and repair of ground wheeled as well as tracked technics

- Industrial hand
- Electrical and cordless tools
- Pneumatic tools
- Technical chemistry
- Grinding and cutting material
- Workshop equipment


Tackle Difficult Materials
TACHEM has introduced a new program designed specifically to address the unique challenges of cutting Composite materials. The unique qualities of Composites requires special consideration to the substrate, geometry, edge conditions and manufacturing techniques that conventional cutting tools have a difficult time addressing.

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