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TACHEM DG19 is designed based on super structure concept that proven to be Ultra-rigid machine structure that is needed to minimize machine structure deflection encountered during high grinding force of PCD inserts grinding.

A rigid machine structure reduces grinding wheel uneven wear that cause subsequence vibration and extreme difficulties in tool corner radius grinding process.

TACHEM DG19 has been experience based designed by a professional PCD tools maker. All difficulties and advantages of many machine makes are reconsidered during design stage. Experiences in tool holders, special jig and fixtures are added advantages of the technology package options that can be provided from TACHEM.

A specialty On-Line non-contact measurement system is included in DG19. Real time vision of the tool during grinding process is crucial during miniature radius grinding, ie, R 0.05 or smaller.


Machine features:
• Industrial PC control system
• User friendly and very easy programming
• Very large, 17inch industrial grade touch screen built in stainless steel casing.
• All axis can be programmed numerically
• Grinding Wheel in feed can be programmed by manual mode or auto infeed in steps of 0.001 mm
• Spindle oscillation can be programmed to maximum stroke of 250 mm, in steps of 0.001 mm
• High power pneumatic braking system in Pivot axis, 400 Nm
• Rigid machine structure ensures minimum deflection during flank grinding of PCD inserts and large end face of PCD Endmills or Facemills.
• Semi-Auto Wheel Changing allows easy wheel change during roughing and finishing grinding of PCD inserts ensures absolute correct PCD tip positioning.
• Special high rigidity and accuracy rotary indexer can be used to grind high precision PCD reamer diameter. Accuracy achievable in 2 microns.

Ultra Rigid Grinding Machine structure come with visual inspection system on extra large touch screen monitor display



TACHEM DG19 is a specialised grinding machine designed to grind specialty cutting tools made of ultra-hard materials such as:


Machine features:
• Polycrystalline Diamond
• Chemical Vapour Deposited Diamond
• Cubic Boron Nitride
• Ceramic Metal Composite
• Ceramic
• Tungsten Carbide
• Single Crystal Diamond and Natural Diamond (With Special Fixture)


TACHEM DG19 can grind most cutting tools in various formats, for example:
• Cutting inserts, most ISO shapes, Full radius inserts
• Endmills, Ballnose, Bullnose and Hi-feed tools
• Reamers, Step reamers
• High Precision Turning Bites
• High Precision Grooving Tools

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